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May 6th-31st

Intro to Arabic - Ramadan Session

6:00 - 6:45 PM (EST)


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May 6th-31st

Intro to Arabic - Ramadan Session

Learn to understand the Quran this Ramadan with our intro to Arabic course! This class will cover the basics of Arabic and is open to teens and adults of both genders. Class will be held Monday through Friday for 45 minutes.

6:00 - 6:45 PM (EST)


About Us


Quality Arabic classes for Adults and Teens

At Read Quran USA, we believe that Quranic education should be for everyone! Many masjids will offer Quran classes, but often they are only for kids! Furthermore, scheduling can be unreliable (remember that time you showed up at the masjid for a program and no one else was there? Yeah, us too!). 

Our mission is to fill this gap by providing engaging, reliable, and convenient courses for adults and teens. We offer all of our classes online, and our curriculum is designed to facilitate learning while at the same time not overwhelming for busy parents, professionals, and students!


The Best of Online and In Person Learning

All of our courses are offered live in a digital classroom with our instructor Sister Amanda. Our classes combine the convenience of online learning  with the benefits of having an in person instructor. You can get a real classroom experience AND wear pajamas!


First-Rate Course Offerings

We offer courses in Quranic Arabic on evening and weekends, making our classes perfect for students, parents, or professionals! Our classes are offered Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, plus we are currently offering a special Ramadan session! 

About The Instructor

Sister Amanda

Sister Amanda has an ijaza in the Hafs recitation of the Quran and studied Arabic at the University of Utah. Alhamdulilah, she has memorized nearly half of the Holy Quran, making her a half-iza (and in sha Allah a full hafiza one day!). She is currently working on a graduate degree in speech language pathology, and works to integrate her academic experience into her courses. She has taught Arabic is masjids across the US, and is passionate about making Quranic education engaging and available for all. 

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